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FCC Grade Ethanol Available for Purchase

In early March 2020, in anticipation of a biofuel market shift to sanitizers and disinfectants, Iconic Medical Group began securing supply agreements with refineries able to transition from fuel-grade to FCC grade alcohol within a short period.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic demand for FCC grade ethanol has experienced an unprecedented surge due to an explosion in production of hand sanitizers, surface cleaners and disinfectants. Key players in the space are oversold and retail stores are running out of stock. Refineries able to transition quickly were those that already use a clean process, do not use any caustics or acids in their process and have ethanol storage tanks that had never had petroleum introduced into them.

Very few ethanol plants currently achieve the FCC standard (Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standards for food-grade alcohol). The refinement process required to achieve FCC alcohol involves advanced filtration equipment such as fusel separator tanks, carbon scrubbers and a clean process.

Iconic Medical Group has secured ethanol with a low odor profile for sanitizer production. We are distributing ethanol at competitive pricing that meet the following criteria:

  • Ethanol that is ethanol is odor-free, purified and carbon scrubbed.

  • Primary uses for hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants, food products, cannabis extraction, liquor and pharmaceuticals.

  • High throughput and stable supply.

  • Priced competitively for multi-month supply contracts.

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